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Apr 26 / scott.campbell

Mold – Part II

After leaving the sausage alone all weekend, I discovered signs of growth in the fridge today:

After some debate with my colleague Brady, we decided this was probably the P. nalgiovense that we’d hoped would start growing.  There was also this mold, which appeared chalky and not even remotely fuzzy:

As you can see to the left of the mold, parts of the sausage resting on or near another link aren’t dried yet – the casing is soft and and slightly opaque as opposed to the dried sections that seem totally transparent.  I shifted everything around to try and fix this.  I’m also getting suspicious of the fridge’s ability to run humidity much above 80%.  It has a large open container of pure water in it, and still doesn’t get up high enough.  I think this is just because the cooling cycle removes humidity.  Both the Landjager and Soppressata seem to be drying out nicely and without getting a hard rind.  I’ll report on progress and water activity values tomorrow.

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