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Jun 10 / scott.campbell

Peperone Done

A quick post today.  I promised water activity data and here it is:

Don’t ask me what that weird 2nd axis is on the right.  I think I was trying to do something that related % done-ness to water activity, and Excel got the wrong idea.  Anyway, the extra effort we’re making to get representative samples doesn’t appear to be helping get more consistent results.  When I measure the weight, it always drops by at least a little each day.  When I measure the water activity, it doesn’t always do that.  The chorizo and peperone both show a consistent trend, but every few readings, the salami reads higher than the previous day.  It’s true that the weight should be more consistent since you’re measuring the whole sausage rather than just a little piece of it.

The peperone crossed into the “done” territory today, and I tried some.  Ruhlman is right: regular peperone is for suckas.  This stuff tastes like the meat first (I used a little pork along with the beef), followed by fennel, paprika, tang from fermentation, and then some nice pepper heat. So tasty it might be my favorite so far.  It looks like this:

I stooped to hand modeling so you can get a sense of the size of the finished product. Sliced thin on pizza, this is sure to impress.

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