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Jul 25 / john.russell

Ham Update

Check out these graphs.

Notice the change that takes place on both graphs on July 13th.  The week prior, the humidity had dropped to just below 40%.  I increased the humidity up to 60% where it has stayed since.  Now the water activity between the center of the ham and the outer portion of the ham are diverging again.   I suspect that as the humidity in the fridge balances, we’ll see the water activities at the two different depths will converge again and both will continue to lower over time.

The weight of the two hams are slowly decreasing.  According to the recipe, the prosciutto will lose half of its original weight before it’s done.  At it’s current rate, the prosciutto should be done in about 4 months.  We’ll see if the weight continues to decrease at its current rate or if weight loss will begin to slow.

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