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Aug 17 / john.russell

Salty, Smokey Goodness

Two months after cold smoking the molasses ham, the smokey aroma still fills the room each time the fridge is opened. The water activity in both the center and the exterior of the ham are now in the safe zone – below 0.92aw. I expect by next week the center of the ham will be down to 0.91, or close to it.

After tasting the tiny samples I used to test the water activity, I’m excited to slice the ham next week. The question of what to serve it with remains. In the past I’ve wrapped melon, fresh fennel, and bread sticks with prosciutto, and I’ve baked ciabatta with strips of prosciutto rolled into the dough. I wonder what would compliment the slightly sweet, salty and smokey flavor of the molasses ham.

The water activity of the prosciutto at the two depths continues to converge. Now they are nearly the same at 0.880aw and 0.873aw. The weight continues to decrease slowly, so it’s just a matter of waiting out the months until it’s finally done. At least we’ll have the molasses ham to enjoy in the meantime.

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