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Sep 22 / john.russell

Prosciutto – Water Content vs. Water Activity

Though the prosciutto is now sharing the fridge with the sausages and the humidity in the fridge is greatly fluctuating, the water activity and weight of the ham continue to decrease. The ham is loosing about 0.1 to 0.15  pounds (about 2 fluid oz. of water) each week.

The water activity is showing an overall downward trend, yet it seems to be leveling out even though the weight change (water loss) continues at a steady pace.  Is it safe to assume then that as the ham dries the relationship between water activity and water content changes?

The water activity near the surface of the ham appears to fluctuate, not following a steady curve yet over all following a trend.  Presumably the exterior of the ham is more greatly effected by changing ambient conditions.

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  1. Swarup / Sep 23 2011

    You are doing a bloody good job here!! I’m a Chef and all this is rather fascinating. Cheers.

    • john.russell / Sep 23 2011

      Thanks for the encouragement Swarup! It’s been a learning process.

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