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Dec 20 / scott.campbell

Salmon and Salt

It’s been more than a month since our last post, and the blog is looking neglected and unloved.  A special thanks to Christopher Lee and Stooxie for their detailed and helpful comments.  These recipes have been a learning process, but having experienced people lend advice has been great.

Happily, I’m still working my way slowly through the large stash of sausage we made over two months ago.  This process has convinced me that most drying times in “Charcuterie” are too short for my taste – I prefer an extremely dry texture.  From a water activity perspective, the saucisson sec is at 0.626 aw, tuscan salami reads 0.622, and the genoa salami is at 0.590.  All nearly identical, and all well below where they were at 3 weeks, which is about as long as the recipes recommend.  It’s not just a texture thing, either.  The flavors seem more concentrated and deep, especially the pork taste.  Common sense tells me that at some point, it’s going to start tasting bad, probably from lipid oxidation.  It hasn’t happened yet, though.

John and I are starting a new batch of products.  I’ll let John explain the ones he’s working on, but I’m going to do a little bit of fish.  The first recipe that jumped out at me was fennel cured salmon.  I’ve put together the ingredients, and packed them around the salmon, which isn’t wild or super fresh, because we live in the middle of nowhere.  It looks like this:

I’ll report on how it turns out over the next day or two.

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