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Dec 30 / john.russell

Tenderloin Done – Lomo Next Step

The “Saucisson” of Pork Tenderloin has been drying for a couple of weeks and is now finished. The tenderloin set in a salt cure overnight before it was herbed, wrapped in cheesecloth, and hung to dry. Two weeks later it is firm like sausage and ready to eat. The water activity is 0.75, lower than it needs to be but it is firm and tasty. Here’s a pic.


The the title of the recipe connotes sausage, but it’s leaner than sausage and tastes more like the lonzino or prosciutto. The herbs de provence in the rub adds to the saltiness of the pork and warm flavor of the meat.

The Lomo Embuchado (Spanish cured pork loin) set in a zesty salt rub for 10 days. Now, after being encased in cow intesting, it’s hanging in a fridge (ideally at 45 degrees and 80% humidity) where it will stay for another month. Then it will be moved to the 60 degree fridge for 3 weeks.

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