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Water in Food is a blog we write in conjunction with our jobs at METER, where we work with AquaLab products like this water activity meter.  Since we make and sell food quality instruments for our jobs, we wondered how to apply the professional tools we use to projects that a home cook might tackle.  We expect to learn a lot about the recipes we test, and maybe have a little extra food to share with METER employees and their families in the process.


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  1. Jacob Burton / Mar 24 2012

    Just found your website by accident and I love it. I’m a professional chef that has a deep passion for charcuterie and your website is a needed tool in the online world. Thanks so much for sharing, and please, keep up the good work.


    • scott.campbell / Mar 26 2012

      Jacob – Thanks for your kind comment. I took a minute to look at your videos, and found them well made, witty, and informative. If I’m ever near Tahoe, I’ll come and try your restaurant.

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